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     "Thank you for being our first virtual author and being so wonderful. It really couldn't have gone better. 

      I loved how you emphasized plot vs. Reeni's inner story. That was beautiful, and so good for them to hear. The children are really at the age where they are aware of the distinction, and you reinforced that.

     The writing exercise worked so well, and they were engaged and eager to share...You also connected the book to all the students so well.

     You seemed so happy and so comfortable.  You just seemed like you'd found your voice.  It was lovely to behold."


—Elizabeth Ester, North Shore Country Day School

Using Story to Begin Important Conversations 

(School Social Work Network)

Presentations include these topics and more:

  • Heart to Heart: REENI'S TURN

               –Using Memory to Deepen Character and Story

               -"Show, Don't Tell" Could Be Easier Than You Think!

               –Resilience and Its Pals, Persistence and Flexibility

  • Big Ideas, Little Poems: Writing Workshop: Ideas, Form, Language,

                and Ways to Revise 


  • When Will This Be Done?: Revision Tools + Emotional Resilience and Its Pals,

                Persistence & Flexibility = Final Draft


Read "Social Emotional Learning: The Complex Journey to Resilience"

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