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Writing for Children

I loved my monthly magazine when I was a child, and my son loved his. Reading together and separately, I grew familiar with the structure, language, and rhythm of the stories in contemporary magazines, and in the middle of one night in December 1999, wrote a story.


“The Inside Ballerina” appeared in CRICKET, and the joy that acceptance created fueled my passion to continue writing for children.


Although I’ve written poetry for adults much of my writing life, I began to focus on writing for the very young child during the time I worked at the Ginsburg Solomon Schechter Early Childhood Center. My relationships with the children enabled me to channel their voices and the way they explored and explained the world, their play, and their work. And I don't mind winning awards, either!

I absolutely delight in creating

early childhood poetry,

and look forward to poems

appearing in magazines and books!

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Children’s Poetry

  • "Big Like You", Paddler Magazine, Children's Issue, December 2023

  • "Little Deer in the Winter", Dirigible Balloon, December 2023

  • "Polka-Dotty Snow", Dirigible Balloon, December 2023

  • "Cleaning the Menorah for Hanukkah", Dirigible Balloon, December 2023

  • "Rainy Day Fun", Babybug, TDB

  • "Big Like You", Paddler Press Volume 10

  • "In the Fall", Babybug, TBD

  • "In the Morning" (title may be changed), Babybug, TBD

  • "Autumn Shimmer", Dirigible Balloon, September 2023

  • "Full Wolf Moon", Dirigible Balloon, September 2023

  • "One Star, One Hill", Dirigible Balloon, September 2023

  • "Alone", Dirigible Balloon, March 2023

  • "Fallen Tree", Dirigible Balloon, March 2023

  • “Morning Breeze”, Ladybug, TBD

  • "Morning Walks in Utah", Dirigible Balloon, Fall 2022

  • "Utah Surprise", Dirigible Balloon, Fall 2022

  • "My Family's Asleep in Utah", Dirigible Balloon, Fall 2022 

  • “Winter Dawn”, Dirigible Balloon, January 2021

  • "Snow Bird", Dirigible Balloon, December 2021

  • “Tiny Frozen Leaves”, Dirigible Balloon, December 2021

  • “Pianissimo Piano Recital”, Dirigible Balloon, November 2021

  • “Lily, Dancing”, Dirigible Balloon, October 2021

  • “Moon Morning”, Dirigible Balloon, October 2021 and anthology, CHASING CLOUDS, 2022 

  • “Last Trombone”, Dirigible Balloon, October 2021

  • “Practice Time, Little Dancer”, Dirigible Balloon, October 2021

  • “One Moment Before”, The Book Meshuggenahs—Second Place Chaiku Contest, August 2021

  • "Night Dance", Ladybug, June 2020

  • “Lonely Moon”, Ladybug, January 2020

  • So Tall, So Small”, Babybug, January 2020

  • On Daddy’s Shoulders”, Ladybug, January 2015

  • “Prairie”, First Place, Poetry that Moves, Suburban Chicago PACE buses

  • “Mommie Jammies Day”, Once Upon a Time, Summer 2014

  • “Clay”, Ladybug, February 2021

  • “Blueberry Picking”, Hello Magazine, TBA



Children’s/YA Short Fiction

  • “Ready, Rosie?”, Cricket, July 2020

  • “Pasha’s First Yom Kippur”, Highlights, October 2008

  • “The Inside Ballerina”, Cricket, November 2001

         Cited in THINKING THROUGH GENRE (H. Lattimer, Stenhouse 2003)

         and seed story for award-winning short film (Manhattan Film Festival), La Folia

  • Secondly”, W.O.W.! Women on Writing Flash Fiction Contest, Second Place, 2012


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