Poetry for Adults

Poetry is often how I process a life experience that feels poetic to me, no matter what that is and no matter what emotion it embodies.


Not all experiences become poetry—some become essays, articles, fiction, or even picture books.


But the ones that are to become poetry make themselves known by a certain deep feeling. And then it is up to me to find the right words to give form and content to the poem-to-be.


I hope that my work, though quite personal, has universal value for its readers.


                                 A sampling of my most recent poetry for adults is listed below:



Recent Publications

  • "Just So You Know", MATTER Anthology, Oprelle Publications, December 2020.

  • “Security Guard at the Early Childhood Center”, “Dangerous Memory”,“First Kiss”, "He Was Dying and I Was Fat" and “I Know Those People”, Otherwise Engaged, May 2020. 

  • “We Danced”, A Moment of Your Time Podcast, May 2020.

  • “Beyond Chicago”, Red Coyote, May 2020.

  • A Man Was Here”, “Weigh Day”, and “How to Recite a Poem”, The Write City Magazine, (Chicago Writers Association), October 2019

  • “Winter Prairie Grass”, West Texas Review, Spring 2019.

  • “After Shiva”, “The Last Moment”, and “Israelites Like Butterflies”, 2018 Mizmor Anthology, December 2018.

  • Sixteen”, Silver Birch Press April 2015.

  • “Deborah Voigt Does Broadway Show Tunes”, The Lake Winter 2014.

  • “This is Your Azalea”, Broad! Winter 2014.

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 10.53.19 AM.pn

In October 2019 I drove from Skokie to Peoria driving to the Illinois Reading Council conference to work at the SCBWI table.

The autumn fields of Illinois opened

on either side of me as I drove alone,

with windows down.

My heart swelled with love

for my state and the prairie and farm land.