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Poetry for Adults


Poetry is often how I process a life experience that feels poetic to me, no matter what that is and no matter what emotion it embodies. Sights, experiences, thoughts, emotions: if it feels like poetry—if there's a certain deep stirring inside—chances are I will try to capture it in lyrical language.


And then it is up to me to find the right words to give form and content to the poem-to-be. I love to experiment with poetic language and form, and am lucky to have a wonderful group of poets with whom to share the process.


Some of my most recent work is published in the following journals:





Recent Publications

  • "Just So You Know", MATTER Anthology, Oprelle Publications, December 2020.

  • “Security Guard at the Early Childhood Center”, “Dangerous Memory”,“First Kiss”, "He Was Dying and I Was Fat" and “I Know Those People”, Otherwise Engaged, May 2020. 

  • “We Danced”, A Moment of Your Time Podcast, May 2020.

  • “Beyond Chicago”, Red Coyote, May 2020.

  • A Man Was Here”, “Weigh Day”, and “How to Recite a Poem”, The Write City Magazine, (Chicago Writers Association), October 2019

  • “Winter Prairie Grass”, West Texas Review, Spring 2019.

  • “After Shiva”, “The Last Moment”, and “Israelites Like Butterflies”, 2018 Mizmor Anthology, December 2018.

  • Sixteen”, Silver Birch Press April 2015.

  • “Deborah Voigt Does Broadway Show Tunes”, The Lake Winter 2014.

  • “This is Your Azalea”, Broad! Winter 2014.

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In October 2019 I drove from Skokie to Peoria driving to the Illinois Reading Council conference to work at the SCBWI table.

The autumn fields of Illinois opened

on either side of me as I drove alone,

with windows down.

My heart swelled with love

for my state and the prairie and farm land.