I’m a children’s author and poet. I also write poetry, essays, and articles/guest posts for adults about the writer’s inner journey.

Words anchor me and create a conduit to my place in the world. I strive to have my work reflect a life in and of the world rather than isolation from it.

REENI'S TURNMy middle grade novel in verse, REENI’S TURN, was a 2014 Katherine Paterson Prize for Young Adults and Children’s Writing Finalist at Hunger Mountain. JAKEY’S JAZZY RHYTHM, a picture book text, was a Finalist in the 2016 contest.

'PRAIRIE' SCREENSHOTI love the time I spend writing, and I do it without concern for when – or if – my work will be published. I work hard to stay focused on the story I want to tell, and the journey of creating it. 

Some ideas take shape best as picture books or children’s fiction or verse, some are poetic images of moments in time, and some are personal essays, memoir, or articles/blog posts.