Welcome to my author website…

I cannot remember when I was not a writer, whether hearing words in my brain, or putting them to paper.

Words anchor me and create a conduit to my place in the world. I strive to have my work reflect a life in and of the world rather than isolation from it.

I devote most of my writing time to writing for children – middle grade novels in verse and picture books – but I also share my expertise with the creative inner journey through articles and guest blog posts (Cynsations, SCBWI-Illinois PRAIRIE WIND, and more). 

REENI'S TURNMy middle grade novel in verse, REENI’S TURN, was a 2014 Katherine Paterson Prize for Young Adults and Children’s Writing Finalist at Hunger Mountain. JAKEY’S JAZZY RHYTHM, a picture book text, was a Finalist in the 2016 contest. Both are currently out on submission. 

I love the time I spend writing, and I work hard to do it without concern for when – or if – my work will be published. I work hard to stay focused on the story I want to tell, and the journey of creating it.