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I treasure and bear witness to the days of my life—the joy and wonder, anguish and pain,

and the unexpected and  powerful in the natural world, its objects, imprints, and inhabitants. 

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"In lyrical, deeply moving verse, REENI'S TURN shares

both the joy and beauty of dance

and the cruel self-doubt caused by our culture's obsession with thinness.

This is an extraordinarily empowering book". 


—Claudia Mills, author of Zero Tolerance and Nixie Ness, Cooking Star (After-School Superstars)

Read more about REENI'S TURN here.

Librarians, Educators, School Social Workers/Counselors: 

REENI'S TURN and SEL/Emotional Resilience here.

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REENI’S TURN is the story of a skilled young dancer who struggles with lifelong shyness and performance anxiety, but still dreams of being in the spotlight.

On top of those worries, her newly-developing body doesn’t match the ballerina posters on her bedroom wall that now seem to mock her—"You'll never be like us!"

Can Reeni find the courage she needs to dance in front of an audience just as she is?
Or will she have to lose her true self in order to become the person she dreams of being?

REENI'S TURN is for all readers who ever wonder if they have what it takes to make their dreams come true.




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