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"In lyrical, deeply moving verse, REENI'S TURN shares

both the joy and beauty of dance

and the cruel self-doubt caused by our culture's obsession with thinness.

This is an extraordinarily empowering book". 


—Claudia Mills, author of Zero Tolerance and Nixie Ness, Cooking Star (After-School Superstars)

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Easy-reading novel in verse about a tween's search for body acceptance, courage, and her own strong voice by author/clinical social worker Carol Coven Grannick

Reeni's Turn is the story of a young dancer struggling with lifelong shyness
and anxiety, and now with a newly-developing and expanding body
that does not match the ballerina posters on her bedroom wall. But you don't have to be a dancer to identify with Reeni's search for courage, body acceptance, and your own strong voice.

After taking a wrong turn, Reeni realizes she must choose between coming to terms with her natural limitations, or take a chance on becoming the girl of her dreams.

Resilience isn't always easy—but it's always there if you persist!




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